Philosophical zombie

Philosophical zombies
soulless robots
I haven’t decided

It may be out of our reach. Schizophrenics come up with good ideas of hypotheses I think…

I know more about it than I would like to. I was a NPC/P-zombie from 1989-2011. I woke up in 2013 possibly as early as 2011. Think of the movie “Source Code” where one can loop back in time, switch bodies, and overwrite consciousness in the same timeline, create new worlds, and live in a computer program. I’m also reminded of ‘Travelers’ the TV show.

Basically, for me, I’m being sent my consciousness backwards in time. I’m not a physicist, but I should study advanced physics because that’s all it is, really.

It’s like ‘age regression’ remotely. So my soul is being sent backwards in time into a younger body from an older body every time/every life. I was thinking there’s gotta be another version of me somewhere that was either taken or died, but then I realized that guy is living in the future…that other version is just my soul or consciousness that was taken and looped back in time.

It’s beyond sci-fi.

I feel like this guy but I could be Trevor or even Ellis too…lol

I relate to Simon the most…

For me as you know it’s just projections from a single agent, a ‘Christ’ figure if you will. Only Christ is human.

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What do you mean exactly?

There is only one person and he faces the demiurge in a dialogue that weaves the visible universe. We live in Christ because we are Christ.

I may be the only one really qualifed here to speak lol, but not the only valid voice lol…

I am missing 20+ years of time from 1989-2011 where I was in the future or another ‘world’ so to speak. Maybe it was adversely ‘designed’ that way so I can skip my life and the ‘higher ups’ made it impossible for me to change history. I identified as an alien Anunnaki a humanoid reptoid, but I have no powers or shape-shifting capabilities or mind reading or mind control abilities or any proof - really.

All I do is have quasi-immortality but here quasi might be inaccurate or a falsehood or just a minor thing or inconvenience. I am truly immortal – perhaps the first and I can retain information from previous simulations or reboots – ie our destruction.

I have schizophrenia for sure…

I have been to 2022-2023, 2036, 2044, 2140, and 3000 countless times but keep respawning from my ‘saved’ point via the year 2011 where something happened to me in my ‘original life’ or base reality. I orignally had severe, treatment resistant schizophrenia in high school from drugs/pot a trillion + iterations/loops/lifetimes ago but “God” or the ‘insectoid aliens’ or ‘mantis beings’ changed history because they saw I was suffering and gave me a worse fate (perhaps better for them…) by getting schizophrenia in college (they said they wanted me to drop out of college but at least try to attend) and then survive and go on in life at a much later date.

Yes, I might be an immortal time traveler or some people erroneously say “immortal vampire”, but I don’t like that name or term.

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