Pharmacy problems

So I’ve been on rexulti a couple months now, maybe 4, the first 2 taking samples, the last 2 through the pharmacy, and they had been completely covered both times. I go today for my new 3 month prescription and they try to charge me $550! Apparently with the new year there were changes to my insurance company’s formulary, and now it’s only partially covered. Idk what to do now, I refuse to go back to something that makes me feel like ■■■■ and emotionally dead.

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Ah…I had the same issue…still not resolved fully…good luck…it may be you have a deductible to meet…call your insurance company…


@anon68237654 maybe check with your pdoc If the insurance would cover it with additional documentation from your pdoc stating why you need to take this specific med.

Ultimately it would cost your insurance more if you have a setback because of having to change meds, so hopefully they would reconsider with your pdoc’s input.


omg I tried looking up coupons and vouchers for you and I just saw the full price tag…ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH!

omg, I feel for you! Can you get a few month’s supply of samples from your pdoc? That’s the only thing I can think of, the price is huge. :frowning:


What sucks is I was literally just at my pdoc, and since I’ve been doing so well she set my next appointment for 3 months from now, so idk how easy it will be for me to get back in or how many samples they’ll be able to give me, certainly not indefinitely, so it’ll just be putting off the inevitable.

Even though its the short term solution it may put off psychosis long enough to get it fixed…i would ask for the samples…I had a close call and still don’t feel right but I assume this was lucky…

I would try to get in with your dr immediately and get the free samples, anyway. That would hold you over until you and your dr can figure out a long-term solution. It most likely is an issue of having a new deductible to meet. It could be an issue of needing a prior authorization, though normally when that’s the case the insurance won’t cover it at all until they talk to your dr, and even then you could have a very high copay like that. Sounds more a deductible issue to me, in which case it would not always be that expensive, but I certainly understand being unable to afford such a copay even once. Could you ask the pharmacy to cut the fill down to a 30-day supply and see how the insurance treats it then? You would not lose the other 60 days’ worth off the prescription; those pills would still be on file with the pharmacy and able to be filled when you are due.

My insurance company is insisting that I reduce my dose of Wellbutrin as a New Year surprise also. I imagine there will be more of us hit with cost cutting maneuvers.

This seem like a trend. I wonder if this was a consequence of obamacare that took a while to show up. I only say that because it seems to be going away and a new one will be put into place. It is also bad because prices seem to take longer to come down than go up. Don’t know if it will have the same problems though. My risperidone seems to go up in price as well. I don’t know if the congressmen are thinking about people with mental health conditions. I haven’t contacted mine since complaining about the mandate in the affordable care act. I wonder if I should contact them again.

My insurance company wasn’t helpful, they basically said I have to switch meds. I left a message for my pdoc Saturday and nobody called me back so I called again today and had to leave a message with the receptionist. Idk what’s going to happen from here.