Pets for emotional support

Do you think they can help recovery?


My 2 year old young Dachshund/Chow mix, means a lot to me - He absolutely helps to keep me grounded
Pets like dogs and even cats help tremendously - this is a proven fact


My cat Maggie seems to know when I am not feeling my best and cuddles more. To me she is very perceptive.


I think it’s a good idea to have a pet. I’d prefer a dog. Pets love you unconditionally and they’re always happy to see you when you come home.


pets are great for cuddles and keeping you in the moment but they take a lot of looking after (dogs) my advice would be to get a cat. they are more independent and all you have to dois keep the dry food topped up, wash bowls and clean and change litter trays. aart from the occasional trip to the vets and you worming and fleaing them each month or 3 months they are easy to look after. great for cuddles too.


yes, I love my dogs and cats, especially Budge the harehound/terrier mix and Chuck the black and white American shorthair with thumbs


well… getting a pet for that sole reason is too egostical for me, anyway… you have to remeber they are intelligent feeling beings… cats and dogs anyway… but treat them as such then no problem… but a lot of people who gets pets because of ilness, or just as “the nice thing to do” end up leaving them at resorts, where they eventually get put to sleep cos they didnt really care

A great thing with a dog is that you get out every day. You need to walk the dog several times/day. A puppy very very often.

I’ve had a dog since I was 16. It’s my forth dog I have now. I took an old dog. Puppy stage is like toddler ages. Too much work.

I also have a cat. She is my third cat. First cat went crazy, scared of her own shadow. Second cat lost his teeth and had pancreatitis (??)

Pets are nice to have around. You are never alone. Read up on different pets and see what matches your abilities and taste. :slight_smile:


I would love to adopt an African grey.

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Pets and music are often the only thing that help. Would love a new kitten. But feel like I can’t even look after myself atm never mind a pet. So feel it wouldn’t be fair to him/her. Also gave away all my cat stuff when the last one went awol. So would be an added expense buying everything again.

Having known my cat, Daisy I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on too much of socializing. She was a superior individual to me. I did the best I could at responding to her needs. I regret that II never was a person with a comfy lap.