Persistent Voices

It has been a little over a year now. I get days where I feel somewhat better and then I feel off again. I remember having panic attacks when it started and then it was constant anxiety for months. Then I started hearing voices with mental images and vivid life like dreams when I go to bed or wake up. Sometimes throughout the day I get intrusive thoughts. They dissapear for days at a time and return. I struggle with fatigue at times too. I went to a psychatric center a few times and just keep being sent home with a handful of papers on how to cope with stress.

Well that doesen’t sound like a good solution. I believe in supplementing myself. I never heard voices, but niacin is a good supplement to try, but you need a rather large dose. Like minimum 500mg. It is supposed to help with voices and quiet down the mind in general. There are no sideeffects except flushing I think.

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The only thing that’s ever helped my voices is antipsychotics. I’m concerned that you could be prodromal, but no one here can diagnose you so I’d say get to a psychiatrist ASAP.

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How long does that last? I had an assessment and nothing. I may need a second opinion.

It depends. My prodromal phase lasted around 5 years, most likely because I was placed on mood stabilizers and antidepressants which slowed the progression of my schizophrenia, but I think the normal time is around a year (?) but don’t quote me on that.

What I would do is find a doctor that treats schizophrenia and then discuss all of your symptoms even if you think they’re unrelated. Hopefully they’ll be able to help with your symptoms, but going to emergency probably won’t do much unless you’re losing touch with reality.

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Thanks for the information. I really don’t know where to go just yet being in a rural area. I went to a psychatric center and had an assessment. Since they’re sleep hallucinations they didn’t consider it psychosis. Another time I asked an ER about stress they weren’t any help at all. I haven’t lost touch with reality.

Hi, sorry it’s been so long. I haven’t logged on in a couple of weeks. How are your doing? Have your found a doctor yet?

Even if it’s not psychosis, you’re obviously having problems that need to be addressed. You shouldn’t have to live with this sort of stress.

Yeah, the ER probably won’t help unless you’re in crisis (which is what they’re meant for, to be fair to them). It’s rough because you want to address your symptoms before you have a full break, so really your only options are psychiatrists.

If you can’t find a psychiatrist then at the very least your should see a regular doctor and tell them what’s going on. Also you could probably find someone who’s willing to do video calls.

Hi Sardonic, I haven’t made it anywhere lately. My main issues are feeling nervous, waking up frequently at night, and the voices falling asleep or waking up. My dreams can be really vivid. I’ve been to two local medical hospitals and one psychatric hospital that offers walk in mental health assessments. My medical tests came back normal after following up with my PCP. They couldn’t find anything wrong and felt it was anxiety. The psychiatric hospital assessment came up with stress causing the issues. I sat through a 45 min to an hour assessment with them. They showed me ways to cope with stress and the referred me to counseling or crisis. I have some days that are better than others. My biggest concern are my sleep issues while trying to rest. Some have suggested even a sleep disorder. Hopefully I can get some answers or relief soon.

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