Persistent anxiety as a child may lead to psychosis as a young adult, new research shows

Targeting stress hormones and chronic inflammation may reduce the risk

New research underscores the importance of providing treatment to these children.

Experiencing high levels of anxiety throughout childhood and adolescence increases people’s risk of developing psychosis in their early 20s, researchers from the United Kingdom found. But treating early anxiety by targeting stress hormones and chronic inflammation could reduce that risk.


I suppose this is a possibility with me. I was kind of an anxious child. Although the onset of my psychosis didn’t really hit until 40’s.


Well THAT would explain a few things.

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I have always believed that the pressures of Social Anxiety caused my psychosis.

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yeah being paranoid of all the bullying and anxiety of people liking me was a huge stress

That explains a lot. I remember having my first panic attack in 1st grade. My third grade teacher called me “The Worrier.” I was anxious all the time. Still am.

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I did have rare panic attacks, similar to what people would have after PTSD when I was 8-12 years old. Later it became something more manageable, like persistent sour mood. Sometimes during military examinations or whatever psychologists would ask me “did you ever feel fear without any reason?”. I always responded negatively. Not because I wanted to lie, but because I couldn’t connect the cases. Also I was significantly older by then, and considered my childhood oddities to be bygones and irrelevant.

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This definitely makes sense to me.

A mental health professional once was clearly trying to determine if I had a trauma and was sort annoyed I couldn’t point them to a specific point. But this to me is something I connect with much more and makes sense with my life.

Definitely the case with me. I was so anxious and neurotic as a kid. Still am definitely. And it was all due to my physically and mentally abusive and pedophile father.

But, is there even treatment for anxiety?

Benzos are terrible medications…in the long-run they increase anxiety.

There are some weak meds. I was actually on some meds in my early teens for a short time because of what yee westerners call “anxiety”. It didn’t help. I think it made things worse actually. There was no affordable modern meds at the time. Still the option exists.

Alternatively this Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach is probably the best and only solution. Instead of trying to find the deep and troubling childhoods experiences and resolve them, it’s much more efficient to simply override harmful habits and behaviors. I speak from personal experience only.

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CBT didn’t work for me. I am seeing a therapist tomorrow. I think her approach is geared towards mindfulness-- it helps me I know already, but it is awfully hard to do it daily. I think because I have ADD and I am so much in my head.

Sure, there are different cases. I will look into what mindfullness is sometime soon.

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I had anxious childhood. I didn’t perform well at school which caused anxiety and had social anxiety.

Could have used this forty years ago…


I suffered with chronic anxiety and panic disorder all throughout childhood.
Yes this makes sense for me.