People yelling at me

have people actually yelling at me and harrassing me in pubic, they call me a whore and such the like, too shy to say anything back to them, what would you do? don’t know why they call me a whore though not going out with a bunch of guys, don’t understand
been working for a short while at the local mall people are really sweet there, had to quit because of change of careers, haven’t been experiencing panic and anxiety attacks there which is really good for me,
my sister today asked if i was autistic because lack of talking to her, sometimes i’m really quiet though and need some time by myself
the morning people who greet me in the morning are pretty nice. they ask me silly questions all the time and make me smile

I don’t understand “had to quit because of a change in careers”.

Hi Chordy,
Just meant had to quit my current job because i’m starting a new business. Hopefully all will work out in the end.

Wow. Your sister actually said that to you? That’s really messed up. I think being quiet and needing time to yourself is completely normal for some (me being one). That’s really not nice at all.

As far as people harassing you… Sometimes not replying is the best response. If someone gets in your face or makes you very uncomfortable don’t be afraid to stick up for yourself. Tell them to back off and leave you alone. Unfortunately, people don’t always need a valid reason to act like jackasses.

Sending love your way.

thanks NopeyMcNoperson

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Are you sure it’s not voices?

HI Tomcat, they’re not voices but people yelling at me making all sorts of comments. Don’t know what to say to them. should yell back at them. Wish they were voices though.

I knew a girl that wore a lot of makeup that would get yelled at like that. … Its not right for people to yell names but maybe that’s why

Hi HuckFinn so these people are judging me on my outward appearance maybe that is why, was wondering about that, but next time i should yell back at them

I remember working at the mall. Customer service is NOT my thing, I was told to my face that I was either retarded or a genius depending on the customer. I had some weird pervert evening shift manager who always eyed my girlfriend all creepily, lived in his parents basement and hit on every 19 yearold asian girl who walked in the store. I had one awesome coworker who kept me going because if I wasn’t in a relationship at the time it would totally have been her. We dropped out at the same time and tended to find work at the same jobs off and on.

Anyway, crazy times. I was playing in a band and well…yeah. A lot of people were nice but the small number of people who were absoultely miserable to deal with outwayed that…

i dont know for sure but many people are jerks and some guys do judge by makeup.

hugs <3

Some cities/towns have some REALLY aggressive local behaviors. This kind of behavior from the other psychotics is called ‘thought broadcasting’. Mental care calls thinking this behavior is targeted at you delusional aka ‘delusion of reference’…Wish they would just tell people to NEVER answer these people and better to have VERY little to do with these as they will screw you with their job. They are passive aggressives and will set you up with their wife beating brother-in-law…Anyone acting like this at work, especially management that just may not talk to you, may screw you later.

I’m surprised the mall people acted okay. It’s disgusting here. Would hate to try to survive on a job with that many crazy acting teenagers/20 somethings involved. I won’t even mall walk it any more…Other mall allows groups of the gangsters just to stare each other down and buy nothing. (Flashback to bad high school years and bad principals.)

I just moved to small town, then saw some of the ADULT males will walk up to strange woman and call her a LIAR and HORRIBLE LIAR to her face like a drunk. Then realized this is a coping behavior for some of the locals…Was thinking about working locally but realized no one wants these jobs with any responsibility for life/death situations for $8-9 an hour with adult customers who would do this to you…These people’s kids are not a thrill to listen to either.

Noted in my new town, a lot of the medical staff are displaying this behavior which can be the case of medical care in small towns. Can be a lot of doctor, billing scams and better to use the Dr in bigger places.

Best to use the mental care 30-60 minutes away if you live in small town. Gives you better privacy.

I came from area with a lot of workplace scams, especially sex harassment and ruining coworkers to try to get girlfriends. Lots of places figured out how to not pay unemployment. Same scam was used on people who had a nervous and got them fired so employer would not have to pay medical leave was very common in my city as it was like they went through and got lots of adults went psychotics sometimes over a decade.

Best advice, do not answer these folks. If you have groups of kids bothering adults, DO NOT SPEAK TO THEM, area is unsafe for female alone to live there. This is called gang stalking and will mean area’s locals may try to harm you later or you will not be left alone due to local males trying to pester you for relationships. Some of these have horrible scams to play on SSDI recipients in low income areas like try to charge government to have his family babysit you and never allows you out of house again…

Would be good for you to know, the other psychotics will walk up to me and call me a thief for being on the disability check when they are a bipolar and I am a selective amnesia/12 year non-stop psychosis case with chemical dependence to sleep meds in order to just rest. I had nervous breakdown after spending time around a sex abuse victim and found a case of PTSD in there so bad, the terrible therapy offer in my city would not keep me okay.

Hope this helps.

Forgot to mention, if someone tries to pick you up and says something to you he/she should not know like talking parrot to your train of thought or tells you where you went earlier in day, this person is worth talking to about the area. If person respects people and treats everyone okay plus working in professional job, these are usually okay. If he calls you nut-case, he may be an abuser which is terrible to marry if you are a mental care consumer. Many first marriages involve one of these kind of meet-ups.

These folks know LOTS about dealing with local area plus they usually have the right connections to do well such as being ‘on a business network’…Problem with this situation, these people hear the voices too and will ditch you if there is too much stress or just pressured to do so by life. I call this ‘conditional’. You need to be able to support yourself.

Watch out for church invites, these people are fakes sometimes and you can end up getting hurt. Is wrong kind of people in some churches, like the mega-big-churches. Is more like Anti-Christ. You may end up getting stuck in situation you are afraid to leave or stalked by more people do bad, it can affect your work.