People with hair: How do you sleep? Hair up, hair down?

My hair is getting really long.

Even longer than usual and I usually keep it real long.

I’m finding it more difficult to sleep.

The internet says get a satin pillow and sleep in braids, but even the braids get in my way and are uncomfortable.

I did these buns at the top of my head the last couple days and that seems better but is still uncomfortable at some points.

Just doing a high ponytail isn’t an option because I don’t like the creases in my hair.

How do you sleep with your hair?

Does it get in the way?

What’s the best way for me to have decent hair and get rest?


I shave off my hair as soon as I realize that it gets too hard to keep. My hair gets super curly the longer it gets.

But it never bothered me while sleeping though.



I usually always wear mine up I can’t stand it on my neck or in my face.


I used to have really, really long hair. I would lay my head on the pillow and then grab my hair, kinda in a ponytail grab, but just kinda throw it behind my head, so it’s spread out on my pillow. So, it was out of the way. And no bunched up hair under my cheek, if laying on my side.

However, sometimes I threw my hair in Hubby’s face, cause my hair was just so long. :sweat_smile: He would just adjust it on my pillow so that it’s not in his face.

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I feel discriminated against! The only hair I have is on my hirsute body! :rofl:

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I get mine buzzed with a #2 clipper when it starts to bother me. I honestly don’t worry about how it looks.


I just have it down and do nothing with it. It doesn’t bother me. If I’m very lazy I keep it in a bun, but then I’m less comfortable.

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I have very long hair. I just lift my hair out from under me and up onto the pillow above my head. I have no trouble that way

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I sleep with hair down.

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I’ve started tying my hair up in a loose pony tail.

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My hair goes wherever it wants as long as it doesn’t touch my face. I just move it out of my face and the rest is wherever. I could never sleep with my hair up, that would drive me to the brink.

I sleep with my hair down.

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I am always that tired, that i don’t care.

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