People usually want to take advantage of you

No one I know wants to do anything with me without a second intention. When I was struggling no one was there (maybe because I didn´t ask for it) but when they struggle they ask for favors.

I need to know how to say no more often. Or maybe I was wrong and I need to ask for help because no one can read minds.

Either way I´m just going to say no to two people right now. They gonna be angry at me because I said yes before, but I just changed my mind.

PD: those ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ know me and instead of texting me what they want they just call or meet me in person.

I´m sorry I´m not that angry, and what they ask for isn´t that bad. I don´t really know what to think.

Repressed desires.

I’ve found that some people give and some people take. Sometimes that will work out for you either way!

It’s good to have friends and family to keep you out of your own head. Modern society makes it very easy to isolate and that isn’t good for people who are mentally ill. I know it can be hard sometimes but hang in there. In the end some interaction with other humans is beneficial.


Yeah, like “I allways win because the interaction alone is enough for me to give away”?

I haven´t found yet the people who give, are there many of them?

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Yeah for sure they are out there. Depends though. As they say. You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find that prince. I tend to think that talking to people helps your mind. You need to think in real time and that is beneficial for people with sz.

You can always be guarded with people and not give away too much of yourself but keep trying. Good people are out there.


Thanks @rogueone, I just needed to hear that.

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I don’t think I’ve ever been taken advantage of… I mean I’ve never had much money. Oh, once a guy borrowed ten dollars from me and never repaid it. I guess that was one time… but it’s honestly the only time I can think of.

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I wasn´t referring just to money, but work, time and effort. People that never gave you that when you needed it may ask you for that in the future.

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I’ve only kept one good friend at a time and they’ve all been super square with me, they haven’t taken advantage of me, but I think I’ve been lucky. Let me count them… okay, there were six of them. All great guys! I tended to make friends with other outcasts.

I know there are friends out there who take help but won’t give help back, my roommate is kinda like that, I let him have cigs and snack cakes that are mine but if I need a ride to the gas station or want to use two of his tide pods for the wash he gets angry about it. Not the nicest guy. So yeah I guess he kinda does take advantage, and it makes me not wanna be his friend.

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I totally agree with the statement: “People usually want to take advantage of you”.

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Yes I feel that people were taking advantage of me. People with this condition need to be careful with who we let in because we can so easily get taken advantage of.So I cut most people off.

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Today I established some limits to an agreement I previously had with a person. It´s good because it´s mutually beneficial.

Feeling proud of myself.

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At different times in my life i’ve had to set some boundaries or put someone out of my life. And people have done the same to me. Either way it hurts, but is necessary. Even girls- the hardest ones to let go. There is a place missing, but there is healing after time in everything. So much clouds your judgement when you want to do this. I think we know though down deep what is best and we have to take responsibility for it. If we don’t then we get taken advantage of.

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In normal relationships if someone does something for you they want something in return. It’s called give and take. When one of the people takes too much it’s called taking advantage of them. I hate to write this because in most of my relationships I took more than I gave. Part of the time I couldn’t help it. But I can’t say I’ve been giving very much lately.

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