People that motivate you to lose weight

That is a problem I have to look out for when I am a personal trainer. I may have to take certain actions to be able to continue training them. If I continue to train them, not only is that immoral, it is unethical.


You can’t train someone on what foods they eat unless they have a food diary or count calories.

I’m sorry Arturo but which part is the problem?
Like the eating disorder thing the not being healthy about losing weight thing? Or I’m sorry I’m confused :confounded:

I motivate myself. I learned it’s impossible to be fit while taking psychiatric meds. I don’t have the genetics. I’m happy being fat. I eat what I want, when I want.

@anon35453467 @Noise Kinda the eating disorder or really anything that’s unhealthy with either gaining or losing weight. (Body builders have body dismorphia too)

Anything that’s unhealthy eating wise I have to encourage people to take better care of as well as exercising regularly.

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I guess this is the attitude of many North Americans and why there is a obesity epidemic.

Totally agree with this statement.

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Ah thank you! That makes sense! Sorry I’m a little slow today thank you for explaining :smiley:

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Mmmhmmm. It’s better than feeling like ■■■■ everyday because I’m obese.

The trade off of being fit is the eating part. You have to select nutritious food instead of food that is bad for you.

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