What motivates you

What motivates me is my goal to lose weight to get into really really good shape, getting my check every month, food and getting a job in the future and a place of my own.

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I want to be 55 to 60 kg. Height 166cm.

For incentive I have even bought clothes that don’t fit me until I lose weight. So gotta lose the excess!

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The alternatives of not doing something.

If I don’t work, the alternative is being broke. BTDT, didn’t like it.

The alternative to not maintaining my car in a timely manner: it breaks down and I’m back taking the bus. BTDT for five years. So I take care of my car, making sure it is mechanically sound and keeping it registered and insured.

Paying my rent on time, keeping my apartment clean, and refrain from talking to neighbors. The alternative is living in a worse place, possibly a group home. BTDT. I like having my large room to myself. Just three years ago I was sharing a tiny room in a board & care home with some former homeless guy who got kicked out of the marines. By some miracle we got along and didn’t argue a lot. But we had our differences.

Finishing my last three classes for my degree. I’ve come too far, I’m too close to give up now. The alternative is giving up and wasting all the money and energy I’ve put in during all these years to get this close.

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My motivation is very good.

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My family and friends motivate me. Also my interests and hobbies.

Exactly. That’s basically most of all that motivates me.

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My husband
My budgie

My wife. 151515

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Good luck with a place of your own
I have my own place and I love it

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thanks i my, i want small place thats it, simple room kitchen, bed bathroom nothing complicated.


Taking care of those I love, trying to make other people happy, evolving in my attitudes and gratitude.

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