People like me shouldn't win

I just got the reason I do like I do.


Yeah… I’m not a winner either.

We are what we think we are.

We think therefore we are. Anyways man. I’m not a creator, I’m not a worker, I don’t even know what I’d call myself. My dreams are broken. My life is stable, but it’s going nowhere. I don’t even know what’s real broseph.

Does Descartes’s worst perpetration of pseudo-rational ■■■■■■■■ actually have anything to do with this?

Is anyone’s life truly “going nowhere?” Or is that an idea? Is that an appraisal or interpretation of reality according to a style of belief?

I know some of us think our lives are “going nowhere.” I did too. Then I came to see that it was All In My Head.

Well it’s moving into the future, but I’ve lost sight of who I am and what I’m capable of. I’m descending into a frustrated pity party and I know I’m just going to grow dumb and numb to everything that once defined me and if I’m lucky I might become broken in and functional.

I don’t know man. It used to seem like a constructive thing. Do this do that and the bricks pile up. I don’t know man.

Life is what you make of it no more or less,god has nothing to do with it …and luck is for losers.

Amen. And as one of my soul-singing acquaintances used to say on stage, “If you’re gonna tell the truth, you might as well testify!” (I expect you’ll see the irony in this. Hahaha.)

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