People judge me because I have schizophrenia

Hi im 19 years old and last year i was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Right now im feeling really sad because everytime I tell people i have schizophrenia they dont want to talk to me anymore. they thing im a dangerous psychopat that will hurt them. I have never hurted anyone and i have never been agressive. i never have and never will. i feel discriminated and stigmatized. have you experenced that people judge you just because you have schizophrenia?


I thought I finally made some good friends with good people but after I was diagnosed they disappeared from me. It took a long time to accept it but I understand now that those who don’t accept you are not worth your time. I will leave it to someone else to advise on how you make new ones as I am at a loss :-/


I was in similar situations. I know how it is.


Some will. Now I’m finding people judge me because I’m getting older (I’m 50). I’m seen as “out of touch”. People just judge, you’ll have to learn to ignore it and keep going. Complaining never makes it better.


Yes. I’m living the same situation. I lost my friends because of schizophrenia.


I’m only 37yrs old if l live song enough I’m going to have fun. Tired of giving a ■■■■.hood mornings ng it’s freezing like sob here

I don’t tell anyone, I keep it to myslf, told on friend and it back fired

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I don’t tell anyone, Because when my dad found out I was in the hospital for psychosis he wouldn’t let me be around my own family anymore. So a few years later I told him it was a misdiagnosis and now I can see my family at get together. If your own family will turn you away, surely the rest of the world will too.


wow thats terrible !!


Yeah it really was.

That is harsh, your own father should be more supportive


I agree. But my dad can be tough. When I was growing up he was really abusive. One of my sisters is just like him. She shut me out too. It really hurts


MY family does not know I have SZ, not talked to any of them since I was 18, my father was a a$$ too


I’m sorry @Mountainman, I know how hard that is.


welcome to the forum.

that can be a hard age

some people don’t want to hear it or believe it

I hope you’ll still be open about it

everybody on Facebook knows I have pd. sz

I talk about it all the time

and I blog about it too and on Google Plus

I’ve taken a lot of heat for being open
but I would have it no other way.


I don’t tell others because the backlash would be too great.

I told a dear childhood friend that my diagnosis was SZA and he seemed shocked.

I haven’t heard from him since.

It’s been a year now.


I don’t tell anybody. If they don’t know they treat you better. My friend who knows questions everything I say now. Blames illness. Don’t tell anyone. They probably won’t figure it out.


I think it also depends upon how you say it

are you coming across like your’e a scorned victim

because nobody likes a victim

You’ve still got to belong in the world

don’t put yourself in a frame of reference to them that your’e bat ■■■■ crazy.

It doesn’t have to be seen as your worst nightmare, this is all very manageable.

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i feel the same way. my friends act scared of me.
my best friend used to let me babysit all the time,
but since i was diagnosed, she wont let me near her kids…
i love them to death and have never hurt anyone and it’s sad and makes me feel unsure of myself.


People judge prematurely. I was intellingent but cognitive impairment or deficit made me look stupid. I am slow to think and reason and people think I’m stupid.

They sometimes explain things to me like if im a todler. That realy hurts. How do you tell someone, hey you ■■■■■■■, I get everything you say, I am just a little slow because of cognitive functioning.

I don’t tell people I’m sz anymore because the ones I told has just “poof” dissapeared from my my life.