People discourage you to win, encourage you to lose

That says it all.

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Unless they are better off then you. Then its like come on man catch up.

I can handle losing, just not by underhanded sneaky unfair games.

Some people actually want to see others succeed. I take anything else as a challenge and that gets me nice and pissed off. Try telling someone from special operations that they can’t do something, it just makes them pissed off and do superhuman ■■■■. I saw a documentary on special forces members crazy abilities, this one Israeli guy ran on a treadmill wearing a plastic suit to replicate being in a desert for hours on end and then nailed a drill.

My favorite encouragement when powerlifting was along the lines of insults or calling me weak, asking me whether I could do another rep (loudly shouting, not politely asking). I quickly went to the second highest rank.

Krav Maga was a little more direct, they said that they would willingly fail us if we did the same mistake twice in a belt test and kept a clipboard checking off our performances. I nailed both tests. I heard the whole class before me failed, LOL

I apply the same to school. I like to hear that a class is hard, but when I hear that a class is poorly taught, I consider it unfair. I dropped a class once when I was a sophomore after seeing that the professor had a 1.5 out of 5 on

It was a good decision!

Difficult and unfair are not the same. My project is difficult but not unfair. This history class I am in is difficult but not unfair. I have a B+ in it. That is not like me!

■■■■ music appreciation I hate that ■■■■.

Stats is fine, I have a 94.

The religion class is fine, I have a 98. Atheists often sit in the front of religion classes and make the best grades.

My research is fine, I am doing well in it. I am doing it correctly. The Socratic method is harsh but it gets results.

People like to see you succeed but not more than them

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Can’t say I’ve seen it all. But I’ve seen most competitive sports or business go down that way. When money is up for grabs fouls become more frequent in street ball. The attitude to have is understanding, by just being you imo you will forget the discouragement and be more likely to win forget that they are scammers. If they encourage me to lose that in my mind is something that will never happen good topic 77nick77

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hmmmm my voices like to see me lose, at golf mainly. i haven’t played in a while…not because of the voices but simply because my golfing buddies don’t play anymore, one is dead, one got pregnant, bang went the golf. although there is no reason that i couldn’t go round on my own. only inadequate people like to see you lose. confident people like to help you up. :slight_smile:

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