People are strange


-The doors

I find people amusing yet completely uninteresting at the same time. Amusing that they are amused by the most simple things, and uninteresting as in they talk about the most uninteresting things. “I wish I was like you, easily amused” -All apologies by Nirvana.

My sentiments exactly.

Sometimes I’m like wtf is the point. There has to be a point. Maybe if I started drinking again and/or went off my meds I would become creative again and be a good writer again. After all what’s the point. Life is full of zzzzzzz’s. Sometimes I wonder why we go on as a human race. We take our consciousness very seriously. But for what? I’d rather be a cat. Why me? Why am I a human, something capable of such boredome. Why do I have to “fake it” to succeed, something I’m not capable of. I believe I am schizophrenia for everything I’ve said so far in this post. BECAUSE I CAN’T TAKE IT.


I agree. They all seem so good at life though.


whats the point? clever people have been asking this since the dawn of time hehe
I don’t know ive chosen to make really really good curries I am the curry queen!
get some nice hobbies soke thing you enjoy doing. or that you find relaxing.
when you get lost in something and time flys anything like that is a good thing for your soul.


and I heard jum Morrison was some what of an pretentios ■■■■■■■ in real life lol


I imagine many of the rock and roll stars I love were but that was a different story, different time, so I pretend in my head that they’re great people and i’m lost in the wrong generation. Kurt CObain however I think was a great person…or what I hear. I know his suicide note was all about how we lack empathy.

And to bryanashley, I don’t think they’re necessarily good at life, I see right through them. I think they’re just capable of selling themselves for fakeness. My pride gets in my way of being fake. It’s a huge brick wall of pride. That I can’t even pretend to see past. If I try to break that wall of pride people will immediately know I’m faking it, whether they’ve known me for 2 minutes or for 2 years. I feel.