People are dropping hints im being watched/observed in some capacity

Can schizophrenics be observed in any capacity? Legally? Part of a community treatment order perhaps?

They think I’m too stupid to pick up on what is very obvious hints. Too specific to be coincidence.

No one is watching you. It’s a symptom of schizophrenia. I used to think the same until I got on antipsychotics and now I feel privacy.

Tell your doctor and try Abilify or a medication that stops you thinking like that.

Your privacy is all yours.


No not legally and no it’s not happening. It’s just a common delusion among schizophrenics. Do you ever read the forum for caregivers and family members of people with schizophrenia? One of the hardest things they say they deal with is the paranoia and delusions of their loved ones and it being virtually impossible to convince someone that what they are experiencing isn’t true. I haven’t been a member on here for long, but I would say that sounds about right. When I read the forum threads most people have the same or similar delusions and Refuse to believe it’s anything but real.
Does anyone know the average time it takes After being diagnosed for a person to finally accept that they are delusions?


I still think i’m being followed. Somedays not so much, but other days i keep thinking the people are talking about me. I’m able to go out in public without headphones now though, the delusion has slowly been removing itself.

I’m also on the fence on whether people are observing me because i have schizophrenia. Especially with how the media portrays people with schizophrenia as homicidal murderers and such.


I do not know the average it takes but I assume most that do accept the illness for what it is accept it rather quickly or never at all. However that is only my subjective experience from what my nurse tells me and based on other schizophrenics I’ve met in real life.

I dont get marked with the doomed “unusual beliefs” category edit by mods much, but I only asked because I knew I just needed to check with people. I accept no one is watching me in all likelihood. However I had to ask, and was able to ask - i think im making progress. So for me it took a few years.


It’s a really persistent feeling for me, too. It’s so frustrating because, you know, people actually DO get obsessed & stalk people on the internet in this day & age. So it’s hard for me to discern what’s real & what’s a delusion. Doesn’t help I’ve had real experience with the real thing.

My coping mechanism is to just tune ALL of it out & figure if someone wants to say something to me, they’ll say it to me directly, you know? Or if they say something that resonates with something I’ve said online, I just assume it’s coincidence. It’s hard but I think it’s the only way to stay sane. I am also off most of social media, except in an anonymous capacity. That helps loads.

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There is a thing called frequency illusion and on my bad days it’s a pain in the ass.

Oh, I didn’t know there was a name for that sort of thing. Yeah, “pain in the ass” sums it up about right. Sometimes I feel I’m at war with my brain with these things.

Took me three years after onset, then I was able to see it was nonsense. I haven’t met many other people for whom it went away though, many people seem to still be struggling with it 10 or more years into the illness. I wish I could help somehow.

I used to believe the craziest things. Now life’s back to being boring again. Thankfully I’ve got the internet and cable television to keep me entertained.

Something that might help is taking notes on what you hear. That way you can fact check, and have a record.

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I have this alot

It’s best to tune out any weirdness that doesn’t pertain to the kind of reality you want to live in. If you start latching on to “cues” that “people are watching”, you’re going to be training your brain to see more of that in public, and you’ll go down the path to insanity.

My insight actually gets worse each episode.

I think people from my disability benefits has hired some persons to watch me what i do online and IRL. It might be a strange belief, but i think often about this. Phone companies monitoring your activity and such other beliefs. i am a paranoid schizophrenic and i believe this is true. I dont want to make other people paranoid, but we’re being watched. You guys can flag me i dont care, i said what i believe.


OMG I feel the exact same way, people around me have been acting weird and seem to be passive aggressive, avoiding directly telling me what’s going on instead they hint at ■■■■ or talk about things involving me close enough so I can barely hear them so I can’t make out exactly what they are talking about. Then the voices tell me that I don’t want to know the truth or when I find out the truth I’m going to freak out, I’m pretty sure I already know what it is but eveyone must just think I’m stupid and don’t pay attention to anything. Fact is I pay attention to every little thing, I just usually don’t say anything cuz I don’t want them to start being more careful so I can keep getting the little bits and pieces until I get the whole puzzle. It’s just hard to believe that anyone would do something like that to someone and never tell them.

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But what if it’s actually ture, like the 1% of the time that it is, then it’s their fault for driving you to insanity.

More likely they would send somebody to check in on you if they were concerned.

why’d you bring this back? just curious.

Like plant someone in your life that is more or less a spy? Or just start talking to one of your friends behind your back? That will still drive someone to insanity.

I was on a community treatment order, when I read over the court documents it just said they had a right to monitor my medication intake. The people at the shelter, where I lived, had to give me my meds and watch as I took them. If I refused, then a police officer would show up looking for me and take me to the hospital where I would then be placed under supervision. Based upon what they saw, they would give me a booster shot or keep me for further treatment. My community mental health worker also wanted to place me in a full-time care facility, and yes they do monitor in those places. Not so much on a community treatment order, they are specifically given to people who have an ongoing history with med refusal. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that stuff anymore.