People and their advice

I’m probably guilty of this too but it really bothers me. That everyone has advice for me. Like my uncle yesterday kept going on about how I should block out negativity as it comes. I am not stupid I am fully aware of what I need to do and what works for me. He needs to concentrate on his own negativity but I’m not gonna give him advice as he’s not asked me. He’s seen me shy in childhood and for some reason he still thinks I’m that kid. Tries to say things like so what’s up you never talk. You never talk to me. So I just don’t talk to him :joy::joy::joy: feels condescending.i hate that.

He’s adviced to quit meds in the past.


Everyone always knows what’s best for someone else no matter where they are in life themselves. Lol


That’s why I tend to only give advice when asked for it nowadays. When I get advice I try to let myself be flattered at the thought someone is trying to help me and view it as endearing rather than annoying, even if the advice is very poor. Smile and nod, smile and nod…lol


Hahaha that’s a good strategy

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That last sentence got my attention. In AA meetings they say, “Take what you need from a meeting, and discard the rest.” Just politely nod your head when your uncle is talking, and then walk away.


I don’t offer people advice hardly ever. I was thinking about it the other day actually. I think I subconsciously realized a long time ago that I hate when ppl give me advice and they’re usually wrong anyways so I just don’t offer it to anyone because I don’t wanna come off as an idiot like them.

Unless it’s a close friend and they ask for my advice I will not give it.