Peer support work?

I’ve decently far along in my recovery, I’d say, and I think it’d be cool to help someone else on their recovery journey. Doing some research to find out what all I’d need to do to break into this field. I’m sure it’s not easy whatsoever but it seems to me like it could potentially be very rewarding.

I know @anon62973308 has experience working in this field. Are there others here who’ve either worked this job or been helped by someone with this job? Interested in what everyone has to say.

Thank you for reading. :v:


Hi! Peer support is a little different in every state. Generally you need to pass a 1 week crash course offered by a mental health institution in your area. The hiring process is pretty straight forward. Here, there always seems to be some availability. This is a good job for those who do not want to or cannot work too strenuously. I usually just schedule outings as fit my schedule. It has a rewarding side but I find clients typically don’t want your help. They just want to fulfill the requirements set up by their supervisors.

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I’ve had 2 peer support specialists. One was very helpful, and the one I have now isn’t. But the one I have now is really nice.

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