Pee brained prejudice against women is still going strong

I hear too much about marital misery to think that the prejudice against women is in the past.


Perhaps no one was prejudiced the entire time, maybe we were all just a bunch of assholes sitting in a circle hurting eachother?

You can start by stopping hating your ■■■■■■■.

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People try to get away with as much as you let them.

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PEA brained…

While visiting friends who just gave birth, I noticed that the son was put in the room with the mother, while the daughter was kept in a separate room with other babies.

Momma’s boy.
Girls are preparing to gather and gossip.

Csummer, you’ve crossed the line to the ridiculous. Girl babies are just as mother needy as boy babies.

I didn’t say they weren’t.
I simply said he was a “mama’s boy” a boy that spends lots of time with his mother, doesn’t matter who wants it more.
Then the comment about the girls was, the nurses were just preparing the girls for what most girls do in their life, they gather around each other and “cry”.
Really, it was just meant as a joke. Do you always take everything literally?

I tend to. I wanted to be a mama’s girl.