Pedro, how is your race 🐕 dog?

Just wondering how your race dog is going?

Your daily walks, car and holiday with your son.

Do you still gamble?

Hope you are well.

Also wondering how others I have not seen on the forum for a while are doing .

Have you all got a place to stay for Christmas?

Wishing you guys well.


Sup pedro …what are u up to…??? I just drank a glass of coffee and i am not feeling well …!!! Sup @SacredNeigh7 …Are u feeling well today…is dinner ready…whatz on dinner today ham steak or beef…


Paging @san_pedro !


Thanks @SacredNeigh7 for the call out…

he won 1100 prize money that 4 races he won…I gave up racing as he is getting old now and retired…he is a pet now…

I also stopped walking the past year but I am planning to start fresh in the new year, I actually have too, because ive put on a lot of weight from being lazy…

my son Cameron is now 10 I am hoping to bring him on a holiday to Greece in the summer all going well…I won 200 and gave him a 100 as a present…when I win he gets half…I have to admit Im quite lucky and skilled at roulette…

im keeping very well … how have you being doing? did you take a break from here

wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy new year…

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Are you feeling better now far -cry?

I hope so.

And how are you going with those red spots?

Have you been diagnosed and medicated for it?
Is it chicken pox?

Good to read you and your dog are doing well.
Happy retirement to your dog from me.

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