<<<<<<<<Peace that engulfed me the past 6 years>>

peace has solved all my inner issues and it is the key to the heavens…the drink is pouring …i shall celebrate ‘‘forever’’

Well, keep an eye on the booze. Sometimes you give the impression you might be drinking too much. Hope all is OK.

well we are given drugs/meds i add my own personal drug to it ‘‘alcohol’’ no harm done…

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anyone have peace here ?

Yes, a lot of times :slight_smile:

peace can cure most ill’s

I think it doesn’t cure ills but helps in not thinking in negative ways

my peace of mind has cured me, i worry no more in extremes , i get bouts of the oppisite of psychosis which is heaven

Good for you, Peter :smile:

time heals all wounds

hope so.


i suffered for 10 years 2000 to 2010 time healed my wounds. @Minnii give it time you have the light in you


i get the oppisite to psychosis and so can we all pure bliss bouts…its all about whats in your heart thoughts the lot, because you tasted bitter your now gonna get sweet