Pdoc prescribed me mirtazapine

For sleep, but I never took an antidepressant. Let’s see how it goes…

Also I got a higher injection dose today and been calm all day. At first I got home and couldn’t move or think but then I started feeling better

What shot of medicine are you?

Invega 15151515

Mirtazapine is good antidepressant but it tends to stop working after a while,only let you sleep longer.

Ok thanks. It’ll be different to be on an antidepressant

It works wonders in the beggining,but stops in a while.

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That didn’t help me sleep. Killed my libido and made me hungry.

Watch out for it. Maybe it will work for you.

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Oh thanks for letting me know. I’ll give it time so it can build up before I quit it if it’s not working

Avanza (mirtazapine) stopped me from being suicidal within two weeks. It caused wacky dreams and made me eat a lot. I eventually stopped it because it was putting on weight. It was probably the fastest acting AD I’ve ever had.

The thing is I don’t even know if I have depression… Great, wacky dreams, story of my life. I can handle the increase appetite

Its just a script for sleep but just so happens to be an antidepressant. I really don’t think I have depression

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