Anti-depressant increases(An update)

nearly 6 months ago,i took mirtazapine 15mg for the first time(used to take it in may 2011 but to no effect),after about 2 months,my life was back to total normal,i can laugh,have emotion and can think well…the sad thing is just over 2 weeks ago,my mirtazapine 15mg stopped working well like it used to(it still worked for a total of 3 month++),if this goes on the effect would probably be gone…

Yesterday i went to visit my psychiatrist,he talked about increase in my mirtazapine and i did,today is the first day i am taking mirtazapine 30mg,i hope it can helped me…i wonder how long can i expect it to have a effect,anyone?

I had Mirtazapine for a year and gained 30 kg. Keep an eye on your hunger.

Mirtazapine worked well on my depression. But now I have Fluoxetine because I don’t want to gain more weight.

Is fluoxetine working for your depression?

Yes. But it was not as deep this time as when I got Mirtazapine. I told my pdoc at once that I felt depressed in more than 2 weeks.

Good luck on your med increase @Mobc1990 hope you feel better soon, you should notice a difference within a full 7 days