Pdoc moved appointment

I am hoping he will be pleased with progress

He was going to see me on 7th November but he managed to get me in this Friday

So thankful as I should get start date for working tomorrow

Just the right timing


That’s great news. I hope you can get your meds sorted before you start working.


Good luck! I hope your pdoc helps you

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Good news! Hope it goes well for you.

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Best of luck. My shrink bogs off after 6 months. Been waiting to get told i can increase my Quetiapine, 8 months ago now. Although i am sly and have a 3-week stock and increase it anyway when “Vicky” pops back up with her religious crap.

Laughable really that im still on weekly meds, and supposed to be seen as an overdose risk :smiley:

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I hope the appointment goes well. Glad he could move you up.

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