Payed off my credit card

Just now, online. I don’t owe anybody a dime. 1/3 of Americans are over $5000 in debt. I have money in the bank; I’m doing better than a lot of the people in their nice cars who make my morning commute miserable.


Good for you, Nick. enjoy a relaxed life with no debts in bank.

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A relaxed life would be great.

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Congratulations. Very cool. That must have felt great to hit “Pay” and be done. :thumbsup:

My sis says in two months I will be one of the debt free. My sis however is getting ready for student loan season.

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Mine is about $700 and I need to pay it off and then I’m getting rid of it so the temptation is not there anymore.

Good for you Nick, its nice to live a life - debt free :moneybag: :sunny:

Congrats! I am still struggling with that. Great accomplishment