Patients with depression?

Are they depressed for no reason ?:fearful::fearful:

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Depression really bites my ass!

I tolerate positive and negative symptoms but depression is my Achilles heal. I can’t function without antidepressants. My low points are way too low and I have plans.

So yes. It’s brain chemistry. I have depression from my dads side and schizophrenia from my mums side. It’s genetic and the environment but it’s quite common and you can be depressed not from environmental things like loss of loved ones or people!

Do usually have something or reason for you to be depressed ?
For me Sometime i become depressed for no reason

My depression eats at me for no reason too sometimes

It’s pretty obvious why I’m depressed. I’ve got a horrible disease with meds that have horrible side effects :unamused:


even a chemical imbalance is a reason I think

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For me, yes.
Some people need help with medicine.

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