Paranoid thoughts about my sister

I stopped talking to my sister, back in May. She’s extremely manipulative & abusive.

Anyway, I sometimes go to my dad’s house, but I make sure that she isn’t there, first. My dad invited me and my husband over on Christmas Eve, and he says my sister won’t be there.

But I keep thinking, worrying, that she’ll show up with a gun. It’s not that far fetched, as she tried to literally kill me, 14 years ago, when she was super psychotic and maybe manic. She has schizoaffective, like me, but she doesn’t take her meds appropriately.

I’m just so paranoid about this. I have nightmares about her hurting me or my husband.

I just increased my Seroquel to 700mg, from 600mg, last night. I hope these paranoid thoughts go away.

She really scares me, but I’m just catastrophe Ising, worrying about the worst things.


I sometimes think my brother is going to kill me one day.
He’s got a wicked temper and is into buying guns.

But it’s probably me being paranoid.

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