Paranoia with some people and not others?

Does anyone else get triggered by certain people or types of people and not others? This is definitely the case for me.

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I would get triggered by people who stare a lot


Oh jeez yeah thats a trigger for sures. Makes me peak in the never ending schizophrenic trip i call life.

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Yes, in the past, certain people or types of people would always trigger me. Not so much anymore. Although my little grand niece triggers me all the time now. My niece, her mother, assures me that that is my illness doing it.

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Ah im sorry. Its tough to handle when its the younger people that trigger you. Happens to me with my nephew too.

all the time. but it has come to the point where nobody connects anymore. it’s just totally random and hard to explain intently. Maybe I have just given up on people and I don’t think anyone in this world is for me :slight_smile:

Some people would trigger the paranoia and the voices would tell me what people I should watch out for. Now my voices tell not to talk to people or trust them. The only one I can trust is Logan my 11 year old son. He has only know me with sz

I’m paranoid of gang members in my city.

I don’t like London city with all the stabbings. It makes me feel a bit less relaxed.

Yes. I’m definitely that way. My paranoia used to get triggered by certain people and certain types of people and not others and by some people at some times and not other times. It never made any sense so there was no kind of real predictability. It was always just better for me to just stay at home and isolate myself. Either that, or, hide myself behind a book in the middle of a crowd or, more recently, behind a smartphone.

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