Do certain people trigger your psychosis

I don’t like my new roomate. He is allways bringing people to sleep, smoking pot and watching soccer. He doesnt work or study. He is very rude to the landlord and does what he pleases.

He is the typical UK “I’m cool” Guy. There is a word for this people but I dont remember it.

I think he thinks poorly of me because I’m 32 and he is 22 (like I’m too old or smthing).

We don’t have door locks for our rooms. I was triggered by this guy, thinking about him different stuff…


Some people triggers my thought broadcasting.

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Certain people can cause me mental woe as i call it lol, only a few though.

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…Is it “douchebag?”


Seriously though, there are definitely people in my life who trigger paranoia and other symptoms.

More often than not though, it happens with just about anyone if someone so much as looks at me wrong— even people who are close to me.

Is there a way you can kind of avoid this person? Tough to do, as you guys are housemates and all. Maybe you could try installing a lock on your door? Not sure, but I would say limiting your exposure to triggering people and situations can go a long way in keeping yourself stable.


Yeah same there are some people who trigger my thought broadcasting/telepathy delusion


Yeah db seems about right. It´s weird because I also was kind of a db before schizophrenia, so he resembles me at that age.


He is “harder than average to love.”.


Same, although I still think I have that streak somehow left over in me :sweat_smile:,— gotten a little better though I hope.

It is strange to interact with other people who remind you of how you used to behave pre-illness.

…For me, it does bring up some unresolved feelings, but honestly it’s mostly cringe-inducing :sweat_smile:.

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well… I feel much better today. Everything under control I hope. He´s not that bad… he just triggered my symptoms big time the other day…

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That’s good dude :+1:.

Important to try to get along with the peeps you live with, and helps to do so with this illness.

Probs wasn’t him as a person that triggered you the other day, could have just been his behavior or something random.

What helps is to try to find a common ground with others— get to know them a bit. Maybe he likes cool music or has similar interests to you or something.

Best of luck in your living situation :+1:.


My brother is a narcissist, he’s always triggering me.


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