Paranoia vs. Realism

I was thinking on this situation and my paranoia and how I want to beat it, and I’ve sort of been trying to find that balance between paranoia and realism.

This is what has made me agitated…

My youngest brother who just got out of residential rehab… happens to be a senior lifeguard at the same pool my kid sis works at. She works the 5:00 a.m. morning lap swim and teaches the morning water ex and leaves just as he’s getting there. We don’t live that far away and in summer when it’s light out that early, she’ll ride her bike.

The news now is… my youngest brother tried to give the kid sis a written reprimand for driving her car to work in the morning and taking up valuable parking spaces that should go to patrons. (because it’s such a rush at 5:00 a.m.) He tried to write it up that she SHOULD be riding her bike to work in order to save parking for the paying visitors. The pool is on the east side of the college campus.

I did call him and ask and when I said it would be dangerous for her to do that… He told me I was being paranoid and I didn’t know what I was talking about… I hate that. I hate being called paranoid when I don’t think I’m being paranoid. :angry: :rage: :boom:

To say that things happen to girls who are alone in dark parts of an empty college campus in the wee hours is NOT paranoia… it’s realism. I feel it’s realism. I’ve read the news… college girls get attacked in dark parts of college campuses. It’s not paranoia… I don’t think it is.

But my paranoia is all about kidnappers and they are real too. I hate being called paranoid when I think I’m being realistic.

I was thinking… do others get dismissed as paranoid when they bring up realistic points?

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I see what you mean. But I can’t say that I have really come across people shooting my ideas down as paranoid- actually, my friends are very careful about drinking and driving, except for one of them who does it all the time, and they totally agree with me about not leaving if they have been drinking, stuff like that.

But I think you are right- she should be driving and not riding her bike at that time and place.


I don’t think it’s paranoia. Girls have to be careful. Sad but true.


It seems your youngest brother is succeeding in pushing everyone’s buttons. I don’t think you are being paranoid about sis driving to work. Hopefully this reprimand gets thrown out or dismissed as unwarranted.


That’s really annoying, maybe you can talk about this with your parents not with him, I don’t think that your brother feel responsible enough for your kid sis as much as you do, or as much as your parents, specially after the indecent you’ve mentioned before he got to the rehab…That’s not paranoia, I think he don’t know what paranoia is, he’s using what little he knows about you against you, and what you’ve been standing against is being cautious not paranoid…as any concerned parent would feel the same.


i think you had a valid point, your brother is trying to get at your sister the only way he knows how, what he said was petty…he kind of needs to grow up.
as to the questoin yes the paranoid/realistic thing has come up , but rarely thankfully.
take care


If your brother says your sister takes up valuable patron parking he can volunteer to drive her to and from there, or pay a taxi round trip.
By the way, how does he get to and from the pool?


I agree with everyone else. It sounds like your brother is trying to push people’s buttons and using your paranoia as an excuse to pretend like you don’t know what you’re talking about to other people.

I hope you solve this problem reasonably.

Yeah… He lives on the bus route that goes right to the door basically and works the shift in the broad daylight.

But he doesn’t take the bus… He drives there everyday. :angry:

My sis did some checking and found you can NOT write someone up for the mode of transportation they use to get to work. They can only be written up for work performance. So I bet he’ll be picking on that next.

I never guessed the quitting drinking would make him a worse person. I can’t wait till he gets his head out of his butt. I would love to help him with that.