I was right... not paranoid

Yesterday was odd. I feel good that I was right and not being paranoid about someone in our house while we were out. But the reality of it bites. Whew,… I was not being paranoid. someone different was in the house. OH NO! someone different was in the house.

My brother Jacob came in to our place when we were gone to drop off another destructive gift. Two bottles of whiskey and a bag of pot. (very supportive of my recovery)

The sis got rid of it and sort of went odd. I was really upset with her for NOT telling me straight up when she found this gift. But my anger faded as she got so… have you ever seen a cold fury? Someone so furious they get so calm and cold? Super scary little redhead. (It was like Buffy the Vampire slayer when Willow went evil.)

She went to the parents, laid everything at their feet (literally) and then called the cops and pressed charges against Jacob. She wrote down everything and had it documented and is working on a restraining order. She was cold and even toned sat very still, blinked very little and kept her voice very flat. Even Mom backed down.

I’ve never seen that before. She smudged our place, and changed the locks.
I felt so much better knowing that I was right and not paranoid and with the new locks I managed to take a nap.

I have lazily calked everything up to paranoia for so long, it’s weird to think that I was right after all. I haven’t been right in so long. I’m not sure what to do with this new flavor.


I’m not sure I understand. Why the charges and restraining order? I assume there’s a lot more between you and your brother.

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People who press charges against their family are gay.

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Good for you, J! I’m glad you got to the bottom of it. And hopefully you feel safer now, with the locks changed!



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There is a lot more between Riley and Jacob. He pinned her to the floor once and tried to force feed her while screaming in her face. He’s 27 and she’s 17. He’s also done a few other unsavory things that my sister had documented with witnesses that I didn’t know about.

I’ve been thinking it’s me… that I’m the paranoid one. I’m the one with mental illness so it must be me in the wrong… being paranoid.

But there are some incidences that no, he’s messing with us for some reason. There is a lot bad past between us. I would love to patch it up with him. My other brothers and I are starting to heal and get along. Jacob and I are the two oldest. I really flipped out on him a lot during my onset.

Many of us can see he’s crumbling now. The crash is coming.

Well then my 17 year old sister is gay I guess.

It would be wonderful if 27 year old guys didn’t abuse 17 year old kid sisters, but she did what she felt she had to do. She’s standing up for herself and getting a restraining order. There is a lot of negative history between them and I guess she got to the end of her rope.

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I hope you guys can work things out. I’ve had very up and down relationships with my siblings over the years. It took my mother’s death to bring my brother and I together. I don’t know what I’d do without his support these days.

I hope it doesn’t take something like that for you to mend your relationship.

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From the look of the documentation she’s given him at least 15 chances in 2013 to play nice and back off.

He kept pushing. No one wants it to blow up to this point, but he’s an adult almost 30. She a minor… not 18. If there was a way to avoid this, I would love to learn.

Just for education purposes, what would you suggest? You have a young kid sister who was being constantly harassed and assaulted by an adult family member? The child wanted to avoid violence and the adult insists on violence?

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Isn’t it wonderful to realize you make sense and are not crazy.


I think what she did was the right thing to do. He put her in a situation that could have been legal trouble for her being a minor and also seriously jeopardized your recovery and stability. She reacted calmly and legally. :thumbsup:


Thank you for that. I have no idea how this one is going to play out.

My sis and I always in good relationship. Two of my brothers and I in the process of healing.

This last brother? Well see what happens after the crash.

I am still a bit in shock that I was right. I’m mentally ill, but I’m not crazy. (all the time)

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I assumed that your paranoia was connected to your SZ, but it was a gut feeling that you probably had separate from your MI. You and your sister did what you thought was the right thing to do, she is fighting back, and in my opinion showing strength. As an example, I heard a Beatles song in my room the other night at 3am - I did not have the alarm clock radio or phone on. I thought it was one of my musical hallucinations. Turned out even though i did not have the radio on, I did leave the TV on and it was a commercial with Beatles music in the background. It does not always have to do with our unreality - sometimes its reality playing with us a bit.

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How very true. I felt relieved when I found out it wasn’t just automatically my normal paranoid over reaction. There really was a reason the antennas went up.

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i think your sister should become a ’ super hero ’ , she kind of is in real life anyway, she should have a red cape with ’ R ’ on it , and one of those cool cars , like batmans but in red !
take care

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Wow. I’m so impressed with your sister’s maturity. Sounds like me when I was her age. I was the cool headed one in my group, I was the one who kept eyes on people when we had our hands on some booze or pot and cigarettes. I remember so many times driving my friends and helping them when they got drunk. They returned the favors when I entered the prodromal phase and began to get messed up on booze and pot myself. I was icy cold, sometimes, but I came off as “chill” which is a thing, apparently. I would join in the fun when he had places to stay for the night and no one was driving anywhere, but I would even coordinate who drank how much and who was driving when we didnt have a place to crash. I used to be an ETNJ, a natural leader personality type.

I became introverted when I became schizophrenic. I still have my qualities but I dont surround myself with many people at once very often. Just doesn’t happen save for holidays. I now have fewer but closer friends, I used to be acquaintances with everyone and had people over and was warm and welcoming and kept in touch with like over a dozen people at once. I started to hangout with a smaller group of friends when I began to have symptoms.

And enough about me, I always share my life story like everyone wants to hear it, but she did the right thing. Your brother leaving drugs and alcohol is rather absurd and maybe retarded (pots expensive, why would he leave that?) but definitely inappropriate.

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Yeah. I think your sister is mature and responsible. Although it’s sad that it will cause more bad blood between you all. Was it that the brother was trying to apologize, or was he a junkie trying to reel her into his abuse? I would assume the latter, I don’t like alcohol much. I only drink beer now. I’m also sick to death of weed, I’ve begun to despise it. It makes people lazy, and selfish, and stupid. It’s also the way it is being used, I guess if it was legalized then it wouldn’t be abused for recreation and the health benefits would be utilized.

But after writing this story, then deleting it. I kind of broke down about the past year. I’ve decided i can’t help my friend write this novel, and that I need to leave this year behind me.

Poor Kid sis, has four of us older brothers to deal with.

The brother trying to apologize, (Jack) that relationship is getting better.
The brother trying to get her to be his drinking and drug buddy (John) is out of rehab and I don’t know what
This is Jacob, the successful brother who as my sister says, is going through something very dark right now.

I can understand that. I can be there for him if he crumbles and needs help. But that doesn’t mean we have to put up with some of the nasty that has been happening.

Yes it really is James, Jacob, Jack and John. If she had been a boy her name would have been Jeff.

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