Paralyzed hell

I can’t move
I have a groove in my head like a broken record
Life repeats itself
My sleep is tormented by the very demons ive become
When ur alone where is the love

Ive really felt inspired to write lately. I love writing creative stuff


are you on meds?

Nice poem dude. Loving the internal rhymes, nice flow too

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Nice poem :slight_smile: love it

Yes y do u ask?

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I misunderstood it was a poem…sorry.

Ur fine i should probably put poem as the title

your poem reminded me of a few of the episodes of Black Mirror. 10 years ago, I would’ve gone ape watching it. Entertaining, but disturbing… like your poem.

@KingKazuma - Great work! Keep writing!

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Awesome poem I love the imagery!

And I love reading it, so keep them coming!

Good work @KingKazuma.

My ideal hell is a frozen hell.

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