Papa John's Pizza?

Does anyone ever order from there?

What is your favourite topping?

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So far I like the vegan cheese and tomato but…

I might want to try something new now :yum:

We dont have that nearby anymore but when we did, I ordered bbq chicken, shrimp etc pizzas.

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This is the other thing I usually order from there


I like their pizza sauce. I get pepperoni or just cheese pizza.


there is a papa johns in my hometown i used to work at. i love their pizza but quit working there when one night my ex girlfriend who was a server in a restaurant waited on the former owner of papa johns. i thought damn this guy is flirting with my girlfriend and he’s not paying me squat haha. gas prices were high anyhow, this was when george w. bush was president and i was in my early 20’s.

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same dude who had to step down when he said the n word.

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I like their crust. My ex gf and I used to order from them.

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I think If i remember correctly they use portabello mushrooms and I can’t stand those…

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