Panic attack at walmart

went to Walmart today with my mom.

she made me go with her cause i wasn’t feeling well.

we split up so we could be in and out quick

i got what i needed and was on my way back to our meeting spot.

all of a sudden all these people came out of no where blocking all the lanes and the main isle

suddenly my heart started pounding got dizzy and breathing out of control

i just stood there frozen reached for my phone to call my mom and realized i forgot it at home

it felt like i was there for hours but all of a sudden my mom appeared and grabbed me and pulled me away from the crowed

she did a really good job and remembered the breathing exercises me and my social worker taught her

she calmed me down and took me out to the car and went back in to pay for the stuff we bought and i slowly calmed down

took me bout an hour to come close to breathing normal

it scared the crap out of me

i would never wish that on any one


I’m sorry to hear this. I get panic attacks too that cause breathing issues. Its scary and it convinces me that i’m dying.

I wish you all the best.

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ty thats exactly how i felt like i was dying

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That sounds scary. Glad your okay now. :lizard::lizard::lizard:

ty @GrayBear @TheCanuk


I get panic attacks that make my legs stiff so that I walk funny. I generally avoid other people. That might be the best approach for me.

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