Paint it black and fleas

i want to paint the living rom ad everywhere black even the windows.

and have just lttle fary lights that are whitw for lighrt in the house

there are fleas in the bathroom but they only go on my feet, but they dont go on my husband he hasnt seen any he cant see them on my feet neither.

they go off me when i go in the hall way and they dont tay on me into the room or bedroo so where do they go?

also the post has gone missing, or at least i think the postman has taken our mail and i dont know where to go toretrieve it. he posted nexrt door and the old man over the road.

so wheres my post?

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Few fleas is not much, but let me tell a real story. I lived over two years in my auto in America. During that time I had all kinds of insects in my auto such as cockroaches, flea, ants and few others. My legs were bitten so badly by fleas that they were red. It was terrible, but I survived, but I never wish anybody to do that, live in an auto and experience something like that. Well, that is in the past and never returns. I am glad I survived.

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gosh im glad you survived too xx im sorry you were bitten @mjseu xxx