Painfully lonely

I feel like I have been all my life.


I just bought Rod Mckuen’s The Sea that I used to have on a record.

sorry you feel like that, hugs.
take care

It is the state of mind, I like my solitude.


I don’t need all that much company, but I do need some human contact.


Do you ever cry, Chordy? Maybe that’s your answer.

no need to reply -

i am working toward learning to be content when I am alone and content when I am with others

I am a loner and enjoy my own company, but I get very lonely at times, too. Throughout my life it has been like that.


No, I don’t and I wish I could.

anyone from uk im simon my kik bikerboy666

Me, too. Crying has a healing effect.

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yes,i feel that way also

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Here here. But I’m lonely cuz I don’t trust anyone, so it’s my own dang fault for not letting anyone in.


I feel that way too sometimes.
When I do, I go to a drugstore. For some reason, it helps…

Did you cry when you were little?

The only one who could make me cry was my piano teacher.

That is sad. ----

(((Hugs))) Been a loner most of my life. No idea what it feels to be like to feel lonely but am always alone. So very hard for me to comprehend.