For all lonely szs of the world


You know what I think is a worse feeling than being alone and lonely? Not being alone and still feeling lonely…anyone ever feel that way?


yeah I get that too mussel.

I feel that all the time

Yes, feeling lonely is bad, when I lived in my auto in America I was completely alone, but then I figured that all people I met were my friends and during those years I talked with the great number of people in all societal classes, this made me not to feel loneliness.

If i were alone id be so much happier, but im not alone am i.

Yeah also don’t feel lonely although I’m often alone. Big complaint from for my therapists etc is I spend way to much time alone but rarely feel lonely.

I don’t feel lonely that much either. And I want to have a girlfriend, friends and all that. But I just don’t need a whole lot of company. I don’t know if that’s part of the illness or just something I’ve gotten used to over the years.

i think the meds destroyed my capacity to feel the emotion of lonliness.

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