Pain after injection?

I got my first haldol injection Wednesday and last night the injection site started hurting really badly. Enough that it would wake me up. It didn’t hurt at all until last night. I have no idea what else it could possibly be. It feels sort of like a massive bruise, but it’s a little warm to the touch. Anyone get anything like this? Is this normal?

**I will be calling my nurse later, but it’s too early right now.

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I just started getting Abilify injections and was shocked at how sore my arm was.

Couldn’t reach over my head, woke me up if I rolled over on it,

Its awful.

I think its normal, but you should call your nurse when you can.


When I received the Invega Sustena injection the nurse did it wrong and my arm hurt like hell for weeks afterward.
Could not touch it, sleep on it, or move it much.


The thing that confuses me is that there was no pain or soreness at all until almost a week later.

Yeah, that’s weird.

All you can do is call…

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I haven’t had an injection since May '17 and I still get sore in my shoulder.


Well, the nurse stopped by and said she doesn’t think it’s from the injection. I don’t believe her, but whatever. She suggested I go to the urgent care tomorrow if the pain is still severe. I see my pdoc tomorrow and she said to stop by hey office after, so I’ll talk to her again before deciding anything.

I used to get pain like that too. Once I went to emergency for it.
They gave me Tylenol :roll_eyes: the miracle drug :unamused:

But it went away within a week.

Of course the nurse will think it is not from the injection. But for real, it could not be. Did you get it on your arm or hip?

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I get lumps at the injection site that feels like a bruise. Doesn’t really hurt unless I sit or lay on it.

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The nurse was so sure it wasn’t from the injection, but the lump/mass/whatever was almost exactly where she injected me. I got it on my hip/butt. I’ll give it a few days and see what happens.

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Yes, the injection spot gets very sore a few hours after the needle pierces the skin and the liquid dissipates into the muscle. Very normal.

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But for it to not happen for almost a week and then start hurting?

It’s unusual to get sore after a week. Maybe the pain is from something else and not the injection.

Deep bruises don’t always show up right away. I had an injection of Invega once that hurt days later. It’ll pass. The bruise was really deep so it didn’t show up right away. But over time, it’ll heal. You’ll be okay.

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I think the injection pain is temporary.

It’s a little strange for it to start a week after and keep you awake. I’d bring it up with your nurse for sure just to make sure everything is ok.

My ass hurt for about a week after the injections

ATTENTION: Your injection pain will be a thing of the past if you have your nurse use a cream 2.5 % lidocaine/prilocaine cream on the injection site 15 minutes before your injection. I promise you, you won’t feel a thing. Have the nurse rub it in really good.

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I’m allergic to lidocaine. But, also, the pain for me, both times now, had been several days after the injection. So I really doubt a numbing cream on the site that lasts a few hours will make any difference.

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I’m so sorry, @LED.