Paid Schizophrenia MRI Research Study at the San Francisco VA Medical Center

Researchers at the San Francisco VA (4150 Clement Street) are looking for volunteers for a research study. Our study is interested in researching the effects of oxytocin on improving the social cognitive abilities of patients with schizophrenia. We are specifically looking for volunteers who have been officially diagnosed with schizophrenia, schizophreniform, or schizoaffective disorder.

The research study involves:

  1. A series of computer tasks while in an MRI scanner.
  2. An assessment of your psychiatric history to confirm your diagnosis of schizophrenia, schizophreniform, or schizoaffective disorder (this will be on a separate day from your testing sessions in the fMRI scanner).
  3. Two 3-hour fMRI testing sessions.
  4. An intranasal spray of oxytocin, a natural hormone that is very safe, or placebo.

On the formal assessment day you will be paid $10-$40 depending on the assessments or procedures needed. For the fMRI testing sessions, you will be paid $25 per hour with a maximum of $75 per session. You will also receive a $10 bonus if you complete the study.

If interested, please email:

BANDLab “at”

with your FULL NAME, AGE, PHONE NUMBER, AND THE BEST TIMES TO CONTACT YOU. Please include “Schizophrenia MRI Research Study at the San Francisco VA” in the subject line.

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