Padromal Phase

Idk if I spelled that correctly but was anyone able to go back and identify their padromal phase?

I feel like mine was telling my family that I needed help but not being able to say help with what. I just couldn’t manage like before. I needed someone to come walk me through simple task and I think they thought I was being whiny.

It was just little things that I knew were different about me but couldn’t really Express. Then BAM, everything got weird.

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Prodromal I think. Close enough. I was always a bit different. I thought way too much about everything and I just really slid into psychosis. I was smoking way less weed because it was weirding me out. So yes. I always had things like ocd and depression. I had a depressive break 5 years earlier with a lot of subtle paranoia. I think there was a time when I was going into psychosis but that was over a week or so for me.

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I was paranoid about social problems and would come up with conspiracy plots on a small scale against me.

It took about a year and a half before I was really in psychosis. I have a lot of theories before then that I half believed. It was a strange time.

Mine started when I was about 18-19.
Started hearing voices when I was 23. But I was a mess for years before that.

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