Can sombody provide me with some insight?

Hi there. So I’ve been reading the board for a few weeks in the attempt to learn about the prodromal phase and what to expect. I am 19 and abused cannabis for the last year or so. This year I noticed I was very isolated (I don’t know if this is prodome or my stress with school), felt pretty numb, and recently have developed great anxiety about entering the prodromal phase. Actually I am trembeling as I write this. I made excellent grades but over this break I have realized I have developed blurred vision, and I have been hearing music in my head and sometimes past conversations. I do feel pleasure (I think) and can hold a conversation but it takes more effort now. I don’t really know what’s going on with me but I feel weird. I don’t want to self diagnose myself and haven’t talked to a professional yet because I am still unsure if these symptoms are schizophrenia based or if it is things such as cannabis withdrawal or depression along with extreme anxiety about this situation. The irony is I am pre-med and want to go into psychiatry. After reading the board, I have never been more motivated to get back to school as I want to fight for everyone who suffers from mental illness. Can anyone provide any insight on the prodromal phase and maybe give an opinion on my issue? It is 4:36 AM and I can’t sleep because I am so anxious about this situation. Every time I read about it and support my own hypothesis that I am going through the prodromal, I tremble and become nauseous. Thanks so much in advance

I had a similar experience following cannabis use in 2014. I felt anxious and coultn’t get to sleep - just an underlying anxiety that made me fear sleeping. I had to switch on the TV and watch before I could fall asleep. Eventually I developed psychosis , and I had to quit my medical career (was a medical student at the time)

From what you reported it’s possible that you are suffering from cannabis induced early psychosis - the weird feeling has been widely reported amongst those who tried cannabis and social isolation is definitely one of the features of the prodromal phase

I’m not a doctor so can’t recommend you take medication, but I definitely recommend talking through your anxieties with a medical professional

Research shows that the sooner psychosis is detected, the better the prognosis. I don’t wish that anybody has to lose their medical career/education due to lack of early prevention strategies.


Is there a schizophrenic in your family? When and how often do you hear voices and music?

You shouldn’t stress over possible prodromal symptoms because they are non-specific and their accuracy is not very high.
This is even truer if you haven’t been diagnosed by a psychiatrist and if you abused drugs which can mimic even schizophrenia itself.

So I think you should meet a psychiatrist and stop doing drugs. Only a pdoc can assess if there is a real risk of developing sz and contextualize these symptoms and the abuse of drugs.


Yes my grandmothers nephew had schizophrenia, he used cannabis heavily around 14 and 15. I hear music in my head most the time (I play drums and guitar and listen to music most of the day however) but I hear other voices I believe only when I’m about to go to bed. I have stopped for a month now and will certainly not abuse any more substances. I plan on seeing a professional in the week.

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I don’t want to scare u but sometimes it’s like it was the isolation, the what used to be casual anxiety turned into crippling anxiety, I smoked everyday for 5 years and didn’t think I’d ever get this disease. I seriously think it’s drug induced for me and that if I hadn’t smoked marijuana on top of taking my adderall every day that that mix is what ruined it for me- or atleast put me at risk. If I were u start only smoking a low Thc strain (idk if it’s legal near u) and also take Omega 3s religiously. If I took omega 3s and stopped smoking weed id probably never have this. Good luck and rock on

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