Overdose experience?

who overdosed yet or tempted to? what was the reason, the med, dose and the consequence?

Are you asking if anyone has overdosed on antipsychotics or just overdosed with any drug?

As far as overdosing on antipsychotics, I’m on Seroquel and it’s not very lethal. My doc was saying one would have to take very large amounts to get ill.

As far as overdosing on pills and alcohol… I tried to actively leave this life.

I meant overdosing on antipsychothics, congratulations on leaving pills and alcohol.

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I was going to. I was mixing morphine and antidepressants. It was a leathal dose. My pdoc at hospital became pale and shocked when I told him my plan and how I’d do it. Then he became angry and asked who had given me those medicins.

What was going to happen was that my heart would stop beating because of the antidepressant od and the morphine overdose would make me sleep through it all and stop breathing.

Ive never OD’d on my prescription meds. I have OD’d on ethanol, it landed me in the backseat of a police cruiser after being surrounded by seven cops.

I know too much about the drugs I take to take more than prescribed. If I were to take inappropriate doses of Xanax, I would just fall asleep. If I were to take any more Geodon, I would be sedated, constipated and have intense akathisia. If I were to take an inappropriate dose of Propanolol, I would faint. Im talking like an extra pill, not a suicide attempt dose. That would land me in the ER and who knows that they would do to fix that.

My parents would catch on in a heartbeat if I were to OD, they can tell when I’ve had coffee or not, they keep an eye on me and know whats going on in my brain somehow. My mom can tell when Ive had caffeine or not, if I havent smoked a cigarette in a couple hours, if I have taken my Xanax, they just do, its sort of neat how they know my subtle behaviors that well.

I dont know what to say, being such closely monitored mentally is bothering and hard to bear and feels like privacy violence( at least I have such feelings) but from another POV its very good for you cause they assure you remain healthy and sane by in worst state forcing you to take the prescribed dose.

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My sis can tell when something isn’t right just by how I act, or answer a question or walk. I don’t feel that she’s monitoring me that closely as much as she just knows me and sees me every day at my best and worst, and knows the difference between the two.

very good that you are alive yet, overdose was my last resort when I got agitated when my illness wasn’t controlled though I always tried to stick to maximum allowed dose. good luck

my sis can tell it too, good for you for having such a vigilant sis, they are warmness of heart and reason to live.

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