Overcoming irrelevant cries

I got used to this habit nowadays of getting tears in my eyes after thinking about the situation that I am going through. Its apathy and also delusional thoughts. Altogether it is keeping on repeating like paranoia. Just want to stop it and show to the world that I am a kind and lovable person.

Reason could be that I am alone most of the time. Now that I found this forum I am slowly getting a change towards being social and making sense of this world. I hope this forum could bring me more changes to adapt to the world again in the way I used to enjoy the life before some time when I used to study and work.


I am being ambitious. But any comments about my cries are welcome. Like if anyone has overcome that feeling of cry in the middle of other people who enjoy the small things in life, please share it will be great.

Hi @sriharryster I used to cry all the time, but these days I’ve became desensitized and don’t cry as much. Sometimes I wish I could cry other times I wish I couldn’t.

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@see121 thanks for sharing. i assume u r desensitized using medication. and if so what medicine is used?

I’ve had so many nervous breakdowns I guess I’m all puckered out. I take clozaril and clonazepam.

thats harsh. hope u feel better. is med working?