I'm often crying at things

I wish I knew why this happened to me. It seems to happen more when I’m in a depressive state, but it happens either way, where I’m just watching a tv show or something and suddenly tears. Or someone will say something totally innocuous and I’m a blubbering mess. Maybe I just… don’t have strong enough walls

Me too. It doesn’t always make sense, either, it doesn’t have to be sad. Like, a powerfully worded argument for healthcare will do it sometimes. It’s embarrassing.

I used to cry tears of joy a lot

Now I don’t have much joy :expressionless:

I never used to cry at anything, but I’ve recently learned how to process emotions, and now I feel like I can’t shut them off. I’m a blubbering mess at really touching moments in cartoons or a pretty song or something stupid like that. The other day, I cried at the Pokemon theme song.


I cry a lot too lately I go through long stretches where I seem strong and unphazed, but it builds up and something happens and I cry. It actually feels good to express it sometimes, but I do it only when I am alone.

I’ve done that a number of times. " it’s you and me. I know it’s my destinyyyy" :sob::sob::sob:

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It’s the part where he says, “You’re my best friend,” as he’s hugging Squirtle. Gets me every time!

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I’m a guy, and I tear up sometimes, though I don’t really blubber. People can tell I’m tearing up. It’s not all bad. It usually has little to do with what is going on around me. I think of something sad, and I get teary. It’s kind of embarrassing, so I try to keep a lid on it.

I wish I could cry I always liked a good cry I felt better after one. But since I’m on zyprexa I can’t seem to cry anymore. When I was on haldol I would cry a lot but I was also grumpy on it… So I don’t know what medicine is better for me. But yeah I miss a good, slobbery cry.