Over therapy...ranting

i am tired of talking about myself…to my therapist.
my shrink diagnosed me with sz and the rest
i stupidly asked my clinical psychologist if she thought i was sz, but she thinks i have trauma ( psychotic) delusions…that f-------- annoyed me.
i have hated the label of sz since i got it.
only 3 years ago did i come to terms with it…
this site helped me heaps with that. :heartbeat:
and for my therapist to say that f------- me off.
what she sees is the showered…clean clothes me…together me.
but that is not what i am like the rest of the time…the rest of the time mrs. sith has to sort me out.
i don’t want to be ill…
i don’t want a label…
but i felt she was down playing my symptoms…f---- you.
and therefore downplaying how hard it is to recover from it.
i have been in a psychotic state since…off and on. :wolf:
i see my shrink in a week…for a check up.
so i will see what she says…
therapy has helped me heaps…though…i am just really annoyed.
thanks for listening.

take care :alien:


I understand that rant. I feel minimalized by people who think I was misdiagnosed as a schizophrenic and really was just depressed with psychotic features.



Feeling that brother.

All the therapists I have seen have been ■■■■■■■ quacks who liked the sound of their own voice.

In addition I would say 90% of their clients were depressed or anxious. In my experience their talking therapies do jack for something as vivid as sz.

Cbt can kiss my fat one.


Some therapists like to downplay the Schizophrenia label - they sugar coat the symptoms and experiences.

My therapist is a nice lady but she tried real hard to avoid labeling me as paranoid - she diagnoses me as bipolar but tells me that my psychiatrist could be right and I may have Schizoaffective disorder.

The Schizophrenia label is stigmatized and avoided by some mental health professionals - it can be frustrating.

I hope that you feel better soon @darksith :sunny::rainbow:


I think that you are above the labels.
Let the mortals speak what they need to.
( my first vacation in hospital I got four diagnoses. Four?! dysthymia, drug induced psychosis, benzo’s addiction, and eating disorder.) Just give me one to rule them all, the ■■■■. :imp:


I posted a very bitter diatribe against my pdoc because I thought he was going to change my med’s. He didn’t change my med’s, and now I feel bad about it. I think it is very easy to start to dislike your therapist do to the nature of your relationship with him or her. I sometimes question their hurry to brand me with the scarlet S, though.

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Can we get an Amen :fist: thank you in the back.

I’m get where your coming from and I hope bunny can bring you some good tea and some good cake. :rabbit: :coffee: :cake:

It’s annoying when we get down played… it sort of feels like candy coating… it also makes me feel a little odd…

I’ve had this conundrum running through my head…

Why is it that there doesn’t seem to be many functional SZ patients? Because as soon as we’re functional… we’re re-labeled as something else.


I have trouble coming to terms with it too especially how whenever anyone knows they start treating you differently and its really only been 3 years. I get tired of therapy too. Its really hard to talk to a guy about yourself while he’s taking notes, which they never have much use for. Like why do you take notes therapists? And you seem like a genuine person you shouldn’t worry about labels especially with a wife who helps out.

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It can be difficult for a therapist to even comprehend what some of us have been through mentally.

When I told a few that at one point in my first psychosis i was morphing from being jesus christ back to myself whenever god willed it.
I could see fear in them.

Only my family members who saw it first hand truly knew how bizarre this delusion was.

Stay strong sith you got this.

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the last sentence said it all…
i am quoting this to my therapist…you are a genius :trophy:
take care :alien:

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thanks everyone for the support :heart:
bunny :rabbit: hugs all round.
take care :alien:


Yay darksith!
:snake:Snake coil squeeze!

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I saw a bunny family earlier today and it was so cool seeing them hop around. Amazing animals


that made me laugh :smiley: …that is one smart bunny :rabbit:
i love animals when they ’ outwit ’ the human owners !?!
take care :alien:


Oh, I just knew after reading your checklist that she’d offer you the job … Wait, that wasn’t what you were there for???

I am sorry that your therapy left you feeling like this. But think how amazing it is that you’re in this position! On the one hand, it diminishes your struggle, but on the other, what a report card for you and Mrs Sith, that you’ve glued the pieces together so well that your therapist can’t see the cracks. So be annoyed, but make sure you save a little secret place for being proud, too.

Kitten :cat2: hug
Take care :smile_cat:


i had not thought about it like that…so thanks :heart:
take care :alien:

I’m sorry you’re feeling like this. Well, what to they know really what we go through? We’ve got to cut them some slack too, they can’t really grasp it. On the brightside, she’s sees you making progress with yourself, maybe that’s her way to express that?

Hope you’re feeling better about this.

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Yes yes yes. Condolences. Social workers and psychologists are among the most useless creatures on the planet. I limit my exposure to them and go to self-help groups instead if I need support in dealing with something.

Feel better man.


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