Out squrel hunting

Just getting the winter count for the county


Just saw one run up our front tree, chatter at our cats in the window, then back down the street.

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I love a good squirrel stew. We made squirrel manicotti once, and it was delicious.

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We don’t have squirrels but seen a hell of a lot in Arkansas when I was in the states.

Over here we have like cane toads. Introduced species which are bulletproof and have taken over. Another introduced species is the Asian ghecko…other than that we have snakes that’ll kill you quick, sharks that will pretty well screw you…and all those really nice critters like possums and kangaroos.

I think we’d have more species over here…until those bloody fires. Lots of carnage.

[Gives @Later_Gator a dirty look]


:frowning: 15char

No !

You cannot hurt our SQURELS


You know the only thing worse than being a blackout drinker?

Discovering what happened during the blackout.

Uh, cigar anyone?



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