Out of no were,

there are to many unbalanced things out there. and meds. so you hope for a miracle…………blood test and a head scan to know were your at. and still it over well’s you. years later after being comatose. and drilling. you give up and buy a six pack of beer. and bam the next day you feel thousand’s % better . you had washed out all the meds. only the schizophrenia to deal with. and then you try a new med on the market and it works in low dosage, years go by all has been fine but your moods are off. and you can’t do auntie depressants’ but you take a mood stabilizer. only to find your self back in comatose land. so you go a week messed up. and drop the med. and wait. only to keep shaking for a week after. now what.

Geez. I hope things stabilise for you DrZen.

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