Out of money this week

I don’t have any money left in my budget for this week so I didn’t order groceries today. Cash there’s $435 in checking and $520 in savings. The savings is supposed to be for emergencies, and I’m going to try not to touch it this week.


I feel your pain. I’m skint till this Wednesday as I had to pay registration for my car last pay. It’s not a bad thing as I don’t have any avenues to buy some junk food or get some beer. Still. I need to be saving more and from this pay I am hoping to stash away some for a rainy day…


We kind of used up this week’s budget and then Mrs. Squirrel demanded to get stuff from the dollar store. Arrrgh.


I’m on government disability. They pay me once a month on the 3rd, so I have to budget my money for a whole month.

I’m on disability here in Australia. Get paid per fortnight on wed. I’m ok except the old car sux money and I need to have some for that. A basic service is like $200 these days here and I probably need two tires…there’s another $200. I know you just got rid of your car and wish I could too. My life would be a lot more simpler and richer.

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Well, I live downtown which makes it easier to live without a car. With Covid19 the public buses are limited to 10 passengers. It’s rough trying to be one of 10 allowed. Walking and Lyft ridesharing are better.

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I am out of money for over a week till next pay.

I’m on disability pension too.

I am saving for car registration and insurance.

I also bought my x some grogg.
He is a good drunk and appreciates it so I’m happy to do so.
I bought him whisky and beer.

He still will not take me back and won’t even let me visit so I will live best I can here in new state I live in .

I am forever his fan and will save up to buy him more grogg in a few months if not sooner.

I have food to last me except for fruit .
I don’t have enough fruit to last me.
I might have some expired vitamin c tablets though.

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