Our lives are so precious!

I value life so much!
I want to live forever.
I exercise for hours each day and I hope my bones will allow me to keep doing it.
I would like to live forever.
I value life so much, it is a dream for me to live.


good post …


Yes life is sacred,
Want to live to a ripe old age too. Pray that I will though. Need to eat more healthy and exercise more and take care of my stress and not worry so much.

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Yeah, I have my ups and downs.

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yes, life is indeed precious for me

Alright erez, what did u smoke today? :wink:

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You remind me of the conversations my friend used to document (create) between him and his two aging cats. He passed away last September. I miss him. Watching him go through his surgery and end made me think about death.

Today I was upset about not having a lot of money, but this reminds me to not be so upset over things that I can’t control right now. You’re right @Erez_Shmerling our lives are precious!