Life is precious

Just today I heard that one person whom I knew had died. He was in his 60s. I stopped maintaining a list of people whom I had known and who had died. I had 74 names in my list. I started this list in 2002 after I had returned from the States. Life is so precious.


We all have to let go one day.


I am happy to be alive. Today was +23 c and it was a good weather for cycling. 14 years ago I cut my wrist, but I survived. I intend to live in the future.


You’re a survivor!

I’m just listening to meditation music and ruminating and browsing.


Today a strange thought came to my mind. I remembered when I drove from Atlanta to Miami and I became so tired that I had to stop on the shoulder of the busy highway and start sleeping in my car. It was dark and there was a lot of traffic. I just wanted to sleep. It is a long journey from my car then to here where I am riding my bicycle today. I did survive indeed.

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I appreciate it all. Grateful.

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