Our fitness watches solved a curiosity

My sister has been amazed by my general sweet disposition in the face of such long-term sleep deprivation. She compares me to herself and how she is a raging b word if she misses any sleep at all out of her 8 hours per night.

We have been tracking our sleep and comparing notes. It seems in the few hours I get I’m getting close to as much deep sleep as she is. She has very many more hours of light sleep than me. And I have less awake time, I guess that’s the time it takes you to fall asleep or time that it takes to get up and go potty or get a sip of water. It takes me no time to fall asleep usually and if I’m woken for any reason I just get up, there’s rarely any going back to sleep, my brain doesn’t work that way.

So, although I’m getting few hours of sleep, my brain is making good use of it. That’s how I have been surviving. That’s my saving grace.


Thats impressive. You have evolved! Your brain has figured out how to make itself effecient. You are like a superhero.


Lol. That is one of the best things I’ve ever heard, and totally accurate too. I am a super hero and my power is sleeping! lmao


Lol! But seriously, that’s awesome!!!

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